HAPPY 2020, YA’LL!

I am glad you are here because that means that you want more this year; more from yourself, more from your business, your hopes & dreams; more from Life!

WELCOME! Together we can make this the best year ever!

Let’s start on a positive note, with the TOP 2 Inclusive Businesses for 2019. I encourage you to support these businesses & all Inclusive businesses, send a message to all Companies that it’s 2020 & it’s time that everyone be welcomed & included in their business!

  1. FITBIT. I love that they included a disabled person, in a wheelchair into the advertising. It was brave, innovative and REAL LIFE because we do work out and love it!
  2. TARGET. They included disabled people in their ads. Also, they have Automatic doors at their stores and motorized wheelchairs, if needed. It’s very nice and welcoming. Their people are always very welcoming and helpful, it’s appreciated.
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