10 Great Disabled Life Hacks!

  1. Be POSITIVE! having a positive and energetic attitude will help you succeed and have more fun! Fake it, ’till you make it! It works and helps to attract positive & supportive people into your life as well!
  2. Be Grateful. You have a lot going for you. Take a moment to jot down the things that are going right for you!. You’ll be surprised and grateful, smile and appreciate your successes! You have survived whatever it was that caused your injury and you are stronger each and every day, despite the disabilities! Check out my YOUTUBE Channel for more great free tips!
  3. Be Happy, things could be worse (yes, they could!). I know, I understand that at times it seems overwhelming; you will get through it and be happier, NEVER GIVE UP!
  4. Remember that every challenge is an opportunity & as you learn, share your knowledge! So many people wish that they had your successes, share with them your knowledge and your experience! Write to me, share them with me and I will be sure that your tips are acknowledged here, we grow stronger and more successful together! So, Let’s Roll! I challenge you to reach out to others struggling with their disabled Lifestyle and share your knowledge, experience & ideas! Below comment some of your tips/ideas. Or better yet, share your story! We would love to hear your story, so I challenge you to be courageous & Let’s Hear it!
  5. Use every days items to help you. (Transitioning from “Average” to Disabled changes everything so even the simple, habitual things can be challenging).Examples of simple solutions:
  6. Wear an apron, if you need to gather things around the house and move them to one room. It’s simple, easy & effective!
  7. A pair of scissors, keep them handy in your apron or in a drawer. If you’re in a wheelchair and you drop something, if you don’t have a “grabber”, you can usually pick it up with scissors. Also, you can cut off the top of a banana (for those of us who only have use of one hand.) & its easier to peel!
  8. Shop for things that you can use with only one hand (break out of the habit of buying typical things that require two hands). Ask at the store, if you can take it out of the box and try it first, before you buy it. If you explain why, it usually not an issue & it will save you a lot of time & money by not buying things that are not useful for you!
  9. Invite friends & family over to your home for entertaining. You know that everything is accessible to you. You & your friends will be able to relax, be comfortable and enjoy a nice time together!
  10. Be Kind to Others and to yourself. Transitioning from “Average” to the Disabled Lifestyle is challenging enough without being angry and frustrated a lot! Being Kind & Happy are choices that you can make every day! It’s an easy & fun choice to make, so DECIDE to be happy & KIND TODAY, every day.
  11. One more important tip! Be prepared to have a good sense of humor about things because people (especially strangers) will ask the strangest questions or make odd comments. I have found a lot of times, they are just curious or uncomfortable and don’t realize that it’s a strange question/statement until they had already made it.


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