5 Powerful tools to empower you & change your life NOW!

  1. Know that the power, to have everything you want in life, is in you now! Surround yourself positive energy. It sounds easy & a bit silly, I know, but stick with me & try it; it’s FREE AND IT WORKS! Focus on what you want, close your eyes, envision it; take a deep, slow breath, & really feel the success, happiness & power of that successful vision, enjoy that moment & that feeling! Make a daily habit of this success ritual, it will empower you! The best example that I can give you is about me, personally. When I was first in  the hospital after my stroke, a doctor, a Specialist that I have been working with, leaned over and patted me on the shoulder and very apologetically said, ” you never walk again, I’m so sorry.” I looked up at her in disbelief and shock.  This was probably my biggest motivator: because to me, it is not meant to be for me, I knew that I was supposed to walk again. So, with the help of a leg brace, a lot of hard work, physical therapy and a cane; within six weeks, I was walking again. Because to me that was my reality: I would walk because in my mind & my spirit, I knew that I was met to walk again. A little bit differently and slower but still I AM WALKING!. I think this is the greatest example that I can get to you is the power is within you. Focus and stay on track, don’t worry if others aren’t on board right away. If it’s the right thing to do and driving you to feel empowered, STAY WITH IT, DON’T GIVE UP!

2. Use your resources (books, medical care team, family/friends, Internet) and be an active part of your recovery. Set goals for yourself, it’s okay if they’re just small goals. set goals and the success and power of meeting each goal will continue to empower you to do more and be better every day!

3. Be an active participant in your success! Decide every morning that today will be even better than yesterday and set a goal to succeed! Maybe finish a book; take five more steps than yesterday; talk to more people than yesterday. Make a plan, a goal and go for it!

  1. Write in a journal daily. It is very empowering and just think, in a week you can look back through it and see how far you have come! You are strong and amazing, remember that!
  2. Write down what your disability means to you, is it a visible disability? Mental? Decide to embrace it and set your goals to succeed in spite of your disabilities. Sharing your story, successes, struggles, etc. Is very empowering! Not sure where to start? Here! Now! Email me about your story and you may be featured as Sassy Helper’s 2015 SUCCESS FUL & EMPOWERING PERSON of the Year. Please submit an email of your story, or the story of someone you know, who inspires you by November 15,2015!

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