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I wanted a place for people to go when they needed guidance, tips, and advice related to being disabled. One fun, informative place to make the transition from being an “average” person to being a disabled person, more manageable & fun!

This site will help make your transition from an “Average” person to a disabled person more comprehensible, less overwhelming and hopefully a bit easier! It’s my personal path from living a happy, successful “Average” Lifestyle to living a happy, successful, disabled Lifestyle. It includes some ways to help make your life more fun,  easier and more successful. You Can Do Anything! Especially with friends to help you along the way.


youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=754f1w90gQU&w=560&h=315]

If you watch this video, you will know me. Oh, and I am kind and a bit funny, as well. That is who I am but this is my story (we all have our own story).I would love to hear yours, post it below, thank you.

I had a Stroke in 2009, caused by a prescription medication that I had been taking. My Stroke not only left me partially paralyzed: I lost my job; my apartment (Fortunately, my loved ones put all of my things into storage for me!); my freedom (in numerous ways.). It took  about two years of hospitals and rehabs  (not the typical “Hollywood”: type of rehab, lol.).  It was challenging and PAINFUL and scary, endless physical therapy rehab, but worth it, because now I am MUCH BETTER! I am working full-time, living independently, I drive, work, and shop, just like everyone else! I have been asked why I don’t say that I “suffered” a Stroke. It’s easy, I avoid drama. It happened, it was quick, I survived, done, that’s it!

I had earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and published a book, prior to my Stroke. I have done Volunteer work my entire life. I continue to do volunteer work, as I did before my Stroke. I still enjoy life & everything that it has to offer! Being kind, grateful & having a great sense of humor are some of my favorite things to practice daily. I practice those every day, it makes life so much better! I love animals, especially dogs and I ALWAYS adopt/rescue my pets.

I am active in other groups related to Disabled People being successful as well. The Stroke didn’t take everything a way, I have always loved to write and to help others. Therefore, this blog is a natural fit for me and truly appreciate all of the wonderful feedback! I would love hearing from you, let’s chat!

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