Accessibility Consultant

I am successful, educated, professional & published author. I have decades of proven success in: writing, management, acquisitions, public speaking, training (personnel: sales, professionalism, management & closing the sale.)

Award-winning Writer, Public Speaker, Trainer, Specialist with an entrepreneurial mindset, & a strong passion for writing great piece of art & cross channel campaigns using innovative designs & creative strategies. Over the past several years, I have developed my content writing and training management expertise and knowledge of managerial environments & customer behavior. My creative approach to branding, storytelling and taking customers on unique journeys, has allowed me to achieve some highly engaging campaigns and strong brand identities for disabled clients. 

My journey into content writing has allowed me to become an exceptionally motivated, creative and enthusiastic author and communications professional. Experienced in both proactive campaign-driven and responsive communications and specializing in digital and cross-channel campaigns those are memorable. I have become a master of communicating in words and connecting emotionally. I have devolved a range of content and copy for both small and large campaigns, coordinated and managed open days, and product launches.
I am promoting Disabled Life Hacks campaign, started it to help disabled people become more successful & to help businesses be more accommodating to the disabled.

I have a knack for seeking the best & most cost efficient strategies for brands to establish their presence, & get the word out the right way. While being able to apply a unique strategy to all of my campaigns, with the end product & disabled customer in mind. I have achieved unprecedented results in reinvigorating disabled businesses and products globally.

If you take an interest in what I do or wish to discuss any possible business opportunities or inquiries, feel free to email me directly.

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