Disabled Life Hacks At Your Service. Welcome!



         Hello Everyone & Welcome

I wanted a place for people to go when they needed guidance, tips, and advice related to being disabled. One fun, informative place to make the transition from being an “average” person to being a disabled person, more manageable & fun!

This site will help make your transition from an “Average” person to a disabled person more comprehensible, less overwhelming and hopefully a bit easier! It’s my personal path from living a happy, successful “Average” Lifestyle to living a happy, successful, disabled Lifestyle. It includes some ways to help make your life more fun,  easier and more successful. You Can Do Anything! Especially with friends to help you along the way.

I have been there and you are not alone. In 2009, without warning, I had a Stroke and became paralyzed on my left side. Transitioning from “Average” to Disabled is incredibly overwhelming, everything changes. Suddenly you are limited physically and you are living a whole new lifestyle and have so many questions. I found that through trial and error; I have been able to narrow down quickly and easily what works and what doesn’t.

Disabled Life Hacks is designed to provide disabled people, friends & family, with effective and efficient tips, tools, advice and reviews  for services and products related to disabled people. A place to discuss what works & what doesn’t! And for fun, it will include lifestyles related to the disabled including : travel; hobbies; beauty; entertainers; authors; and other successful disabled people. I look forward to hearing from you, about what your successes have been as well!

This is also for average people to help answers your questions about what it is like to be living a disabled Lifestyle. Also, helping everyone be more comfortable around those who are disabled: making everyones’ worlds more comfortable, fun & inclusive!

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